Monthly Archive: August 2018


Ecuadorian Government will built viaduct to improve connectivity of Guayaquil

It is to highlight the Ecuadorian Government decisión to build a 44.2-kilometre viaduct which, with an investment of $800 million,  will connect the port of Guayaquil with the south production centers of the country, substantially improving its connectivity, the main bottleneck in the region.

About this endemic evil in the region, Maritime & Port Council of Mexico (Comport in Spanish) will end in September a study that aims to show the next Government that, although the ports are competitive in the upload and download vessels, which increases the cost of goods from and to the port are deficiencies that arise in port procedures and poor connectivity with railway and road transport.


Dangerous Shipping Oligopoly

Be more than 80% of global container transport focused on three alliances and the growing presence of the shipping companies in port and logistics operation, urged to seriously reflect the regional port sector on the consequences of this hoarding of the logistics chain.

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