About Latinports

About Latinports

Latin American public and private ports and terminals, mainly private ones, due to the lack of an adequate scene to deal topics related to its reality and fast development jointly, felt the necessity of creating an owned association which spread them to world without any exclusion. Therefore, under the leadership of Brazil and Mexico, at the head of Richard Klien of Multiterminais and Arturo Lopez of Altamira Terminal Portuaria, the decision was to create Latin American Ports and Terminals Association, Latinports, with a head office in Bogota, Colombia, which was legally incorporated on August 28th, 2009. Its launching was on September 3rd, in Veracruz, México, within the Port Encounter Frame organized by the National Association of Terminals and Port Operators ATOP, the Mexican Association of Port, Maritime and Cost Infrastructure AMIP, and the Mexican Association of Intermodal Transport AMTI. The first general assembly, where purposes were set and the executive committee and officers were elected, took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on november 6th of the same year.

On 18-19 August 2010 was held in Brasilia the first great public-private event of the Association (The Great Event according to Container Management of London), that under the title Evaluation and Perspectives of the Regional Port System, delivered the Declaration of Brasilia, which identified situations to be improved based on international competitiveness.

From this event were important annual events in Cartagena, Viña del Mar, Cancun and Panama, but due to budgetary constraints, from 2015 Latinports decided to act as Associate Partner of international companies specialized in organizing port events such as TOC, Industry Exchange and Lnoppen, with excellent results. In 2017, these events are:

Panama City (June 28 and 29): Latin America Ports Forum with Industry Exchange

Mexico City (Nov. 30 – Dic.1 °): Latin America Port Expansion Summit with Lnoppen

As a felt need of the Latin American port sector in general, in 2015 the association elaborated a critical study called “Vision and Prospects of the Port Activity in Latin America”, which counted with the support of Eclac and was reported directly to different Governments in the region.

Nowadays, with eight years of existence, Latinports is an organization with a recognized prestige, with affiliates of different countries of the región.


• Disclose the important contribution of private terminals to the development of Latin American foreign commerce
• Look for the progress of Latin American port community and its connections with the transport global system.
• Promote the interrelation between ports and terminals in the región, including inland ports, and these with the international port community.
• Advocate for government policies which strengthen and spread opportunities for Latin American port community through understanding its essential role in the foreign commerce, which leads to the substantial improving of transport infrastructure and multimodalism implementation.
• Professionally training the port leadership through high level specialized seminars.
• Keeping the port community informed on the technological advances in the maritime-port sector through an interactive website with permanently updated, in real-time, and an annual publication news.
• All other aspects which Latin American port community requires.


Executive Direction (Ad-Honorem)
Julian Palacio Director Ejecutivo de Latinports

Julián Palacio, Business Administrator specialized in Entrepreneurial High Management Direction of Instituto de Alta Dirección Empresarial of Universidad de la Sabana of Bogotá. Up to the beginning of year 2009 and from its creation in year 2003, he was the Coordinator for Latin America at the American Association of Port Authorities AAPA. Besides, he has been developing in his country, Colombia, the most important port-logistics and fluvial navigation project between the center of the Country and the Atlantic Coast, called Multimodal Logistics Platform of Salgar Port (SalgarLog).

Between 1993 and 2001, he was the first General Manager of the Port Association in Santa Marta. During this time, he incorporated the logistic and coal operators of Santa Marta, being the coal operator an environmental management model at an international level. Before that, he worked for Bavaria Entrepreneurial Group during almost ten years, and during this time, he was the General Manager of Comercializadora Internacional Promotora de Negocios Santander and he also performed the Foreign Commerce National Direction of Almacenes Generales de Depósito of Banco Santander.

Julián Palacio was also the Freight Director in Carbones de Colombia, Carbocol, and maritime transport and freight advisor of Andes Marítima, Andemar, in Callao, Perú. At the beginning of his professional career, he was the commercial Director of Compañía Nacional de Navegación, which afterwards was merged with Flota Mercante Grancolombiana, and he was also the direction Assistant for Central America in the Export Promotion Fund, nowadays called, Proexport.

In relation to his professional activity in the Latin American port sector, Julián Palacio gives conferences and writes abstracts in magazines which are specialized in the Continent port industry.  He is also member of different boards, port consultant and representative of foreign companies in his country.