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Shipping Siege Continues Closing

Major shipping companies of Ocean Alliance and The Alliance partnerships (51.4% of the world market), announced a strategic partnership in the Mediterranean-US East Coast service from December. This may be a first approximation for the merger of these two alliances, which could lead to the 83.1% of the global market would be in the power of the new Alliance (Alliance/The Ocean Alliance) and 2M Alliance, strengthening the shipping oligopoly at the expense of the port business.

On the other hand, Hapag-Lloyd and Ocean Network Express (ONE) agreed to collaborate strategically in a network of feeder services that has had their first exchanges in Asia and will soon be extended to Europe. In this respect, the Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean of Maersk, Lars Nielsen, just predict that will be more consolidation in the shipping industry.


Ecuadorian Government will built viaduct to improve connectivity of Guayaquil

It is to highlight the Ecuadorian Government decisión to build a 44.2-kilometre viaduct which, with an investment of $800 million,  will connect the port of Guayaquil with the south production centers of the country, substantially improving its connectivity, the main bottleneck in the region.

About this endemic evil in the region, Maritime & Port Council of Mexico (Comport in Spanish) will end in September a study that aims to show the next Government that, although the ports are competitive in the upload and download vessels, which increases the cost of goods from and to the port are deficiencies that arise in port procedures and poor connectivity with railway and road transport.


Containers Cargo Movement Increases 6% in 2017: Eclac

This average percentage says a recovery with respect to that recorded in the last three years, when growth rates were low or negative at the regional and global levels. Countries whose container terminals had a greater contribution to the variation in the volume of cargo operated with respect to the previous year are: Dominican Republic (24%), Colombia (13%), Mexico (12%) and Panama (10%). ECLAC said that the region top 10 ports caught in aggregate form 48% of containers, with a variation of 8%, two points above the regional average.


The Boom Can Last Little

In an interview with Portfolio of Colombia, President of the Inter-American Development Bank said that “it is clear that the good times are back, but more than one considers that this boom can last a little and that there are many crosswinds that must provide attention. More than one recalls that ten years ago everything seemed very well and a few months later the bubble burst”.