Ports of Latin America Pacific Receive the Largest Vessel that has Arrived in the Region

In this December Latin American terminals Lazaro Cardenas Port Terminal of Containers (Hutchison Mexico), Contecon Manzanillo of APM Terminals Mexico (Maersk Line subsidiary), Panama Ports of Hutchison and TCBuen of Buenaventura, Colombia (recently acquired by APM Terminals), received M/V Maersk Edinburgh, 13.100 TEUs capacity, the largest vessel which has been received in Latin American ports and with the maximum capacity in terms of transit the expanded Panama Canal.


“A Large-scale Port is not Indispensable in Chile Before Fifteen Years”

Maritime and Ports Chamber’s CEO, Jorge Marshall, estimated that a large-scale port can wait, as there is sufficient capacity to meet the requirements of the market, even if the emphasis is on productivity. “With the investments underway in Valparaíso and San Antonio will be available in the next two or three years an additional capacity of 37%” said the oficial, whom added that “studies of demand made three or four years ago gave a projection of growth of 5% to 6% annual and new projections are revealing that this figure is located on the 3%”.


The Port’s Man

The Business Year talks to Julian Palacio, Director General of Latinports, on the role of Colombian ports and the way infrastructure is developing.

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