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Cartagena, Port with Largest Growth in Container Handling in 2015

While in general the movement of containers in the region tended to the low, Cartagena, with a growth of 16% in the total of container movement and 14% in transhipment, became far port with better performance in container handling in 2015. On the other hand the port of Santos, with 2% growth with respect to 2014, remains that of greater movement of containers in the región, followed by the Panamanian ports of Atlantic and Pacific (Colon and Balboa), and Cartagena who overcame to Manzanillo, Mexico.

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Movement of containerized cargo in ports in Latin America and the Caribbean grew only 1.3% during 2014: ECLAC

According to these Organization of United Nations, the total of 47 million TEUs confirms the slowdown in foreign trade displayed by the terminals in the region in recent years, taking into account that the activity grew 1.7% in 2013, 5.8% in 2012 and 13.8% in 2011. It also confirms a high heterogeneity: go up the West coast of South America (5.3%), Mexico (4.0%) and Central America (3.4%), but lower the coast East of South America (- 2.2%) and the Caribbean (- 8.2%). In these last cases by the fall of 22.4% in Argentina and the transshipment at Jamaica (3.9%), Bahamas (6.7%) and Dominican Republic (9.9%). Three countries were highlighted in its growth: Peru (8.7%), Ecuador (7.9%) and Colombia (7.0%).